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Looking for fun-filled games with a bit of a nerdy twist? Look no further, because here you are! Many games will require flash or Java, so don't be surprised if.. well... if they require flash or Java...

Bloodsport Colosseum Instructions

Bloodsport Colosseum is a gladiator sim like no other! Set in the future, fights take place in a retro-style colosseum where the only weapons allowed are those used by ancient gladiators. So how can you be sure it's set in the future? You CAN'T!

Hire a team of gladiators, train them, equip them, and set up their daily fights. Challenge other gladiators (real players, mind you) directly while waiting for the daily fights to happen! Choose their riskiness, which has a direct impact on their longevity, short-term survival, experience and skill gains, and money gained from the arenas. Put them into the one-on-one arenas or the enormous free-for-all arenas. Laugh when they slowly wear themselves down, as battle scarring from fight after fight turns once-unstoppable champions into blubbering babies. Fire those who are no longer useful, and bring in fresh blood.

As you gain fame and fortune, new opportunities will show themselves, allowing better equipment purchases and more powerful gladiators to hire.

Murder Manor Instructions

Join other real people playing online for the murder mystery of a lifetime! Every case your detectives solve gives them points to buy skills and abilities.

This is a turn-based game which plays within your browser. If you have a few minutes a day to spare, come on in and have fun!

Self-Esteem Hangman Instructions

Tired of games that take time and brain power? Looking for something that tells you you're a good person even though you aren't? Well, Self-Esteem Hangman is the game for you! Check out this hilarious parody of what seems to be the latest craze in entertainment!

Skwerl Invaders Instructions

OH NO!! The Skwerls are mad. Their acorns aren't ripening fast enough and they've come to take ours! Fight off waves of wacky creatures in the only game to combine redneck values with space invaders. Features several high score lists, a huge database of purchasable upgrades, and 3 skill levels.

Weblibs Instructions

Nothing better than bringing an old pen and paper classic to the web! And with today's technology, you can weblib faster than ever, email your weblibs to anybody with email (assuming they aren't blocking emails from you already), and be home in time for dinner. HURRY, this offer won't last!

Shooter Instructions

Shoot targets, get points, make one of my high score lists, and show your friends that you are even a bigger nerd than me!

Shooter is based on an old computer game that very few people have played (though many have played similar games). I can't do very well, but some people can and they'll always be on my high score list to make me feel bad about myself.

Pong Attack! Instructions

In the future, aliens will enslave humanity and force us to play pong. Even hell couldn't possibly be this bad...

Pong is my first game ever fully finished. It's simple and very straightforward, so anybody can figure it out. Featuring... well... c'mon, it's pong, what do you expect? 100 Hot DVDs