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Shooting Gallery Instructions

This is a simple shooting gallery game, written specifically for my mother because she used to love the old, old, VERY old one I had on my TRS-80 computer (no, you shouldn't know what that is, it's very old).


Targets are worth points based on their row:

Row 1 (bottom):1 point
Row 2:2 points
Row 3:3 points
Row 4:4 points
Row 5:0 points, +4 bullets
Completing a level with 80% accuracy:5 points
Completing a level with 90% accuracy:15 points
Hitting 5 of the 6 targets in a bonus round:5 points
Hitting all 6 targets in a bonus round:15 points


Bullets are given based on your level, starting with 40 and slowly going all the way down to 10. When you have fewer than 30 bullets, you have fewer bullets than there are targets. You'll have to hit the diamonds (row 5) BEFORE hitting all the other targets if you want to complete the level. Once you're down to 10 bullets (level 10 and on), you have to be hitting diamonds within the first 10 shots! After that, you still can't miss more than 4 shots for that level.

The bonuses are very important. Without them, each level is worth 60 points. The bonuses can bring that up to 90, making a good player achieve the same score at level 10 that a not so good player gets on level 15! Remember, though, the bonus round isn't meant to be easy...

Getting through the early levels is easy; just keep firing. The first few levels don't offer much of a challenge because you have so many bullets. Why bother spending time on these levels? Well, if you don't learn to aim by about level 10, you'll lose very quickly. Use your generous bullet supply in the early levels to figure out when you need to shoot in order to hit the faster (and higher up) targets. If possible, try to gain bonuses as well

If you get enough bonuses before level 20 (you need 1600 points BEFORE you reach level 20), you'll be awarded new bullets that are a little faster and bigger than the old ones!

If you can actually reach level 20, expect things to get a LOT tougher. You'll already be down to minimal bullets, but there's also a surprise for you...

[S]:Turn sounds on or off.
[M]:Turn background music on or off.
[LEFT ARROW]:Move your gun left.
[RIGHT ARROW]:Move your gun right.
[F2]:Reset the game.
[SPACEBAR]:Fires gun.
Mouse:Movement changes gun's position, clicking fires.

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