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Skwerl Invaders Instructions

In the future, squirrels will be big and powerful.
In the future, people will hoard acorns.
In the future, our greed will destroy us...

Nerdbucket entertainment presents
A Billybob/Peggy Sue production
In association with Redneck pictures
And the Association of Skwerl Hunters

Skwerl Invaders

The Story:
It was a time of chaos, a time of war. Acorn and nut reserves were depleted all over the galaxy. Earthlings were forced to fight hordes of rabid extraterrestrial squirrels in order to preserve their own rations. Rappy, once a kind and generous squirrel, was unable to control his need for good acorns. Rappy assembled an army of squirrels and other beasts to fight back against the earthlings. With his friends and their deadly arsenal of unripe green acorns, they were unstoppable. Rumors tore apart nations. Governments allied with the squirrels and began secret projects to create evil squirrel-human hybrids. These unspeakable events brought you to investigate. After discovering the horrifying truth of the situation you've realized that you, and ONLY you, will be able to destroy the alien squirrels and reclaim earth...
The Object:
You control a single spacecraft. Using either the mouse or keyboard, you must destroy wave after wave of deadly, acorn-throwing, laser-blasting, fireball-shooting squirrels. The squirrels are huge, and able to throw unripened acorns at unimaginable speeds; a few acorns can destroy even your powerfule spaceship. Luckily, you are able to sell the dead squirrel remains to some of the redneck colonies on Mars, and with this money you can purchase more powerful weapons and even upgrade your ship! Just pray that your upgrades and weapons will be sufficient to destroy Rappy, the Dark Squirrel...

Get yer gear ready:

Click the start button to start the game, and then choose 'Easy', 'Medium', or 'Hard' difficulty. The difficulty levels decide your point-to-dollars ratio. In other words, on 'Easy' you get a lot of money but not so many points; on 'Medium' you get an equal distribution of points and cash; and on 'Hard' you get more points but not much money. The more money you have, the more stuff you can buy (more on this later), so it makes for an easier game. Points, on the other hand, can make you immortal by getting you on a high score list! Put simply, the harder the game, the easier it is to get a good score.

Buy me a wepin:

You gain money by defeating many cute and/or cuddly creatures, and you can spend that money on weapons or upgrades. There are many items to choose from, and you'll really have to use them for yourself to figure out exactly how they work, but here's a simple breakdown of weapon classes (click the '?' in the weapons purchasing screen and it'll give you the class as well as other useful info):
  • Normal: Fires a single shot up, doing some amount of damage.
  • Double Fire: Fires two shots straight up, each doing the specified amount of damage.
  • W Beam: Fires three shots; one up and the other two at an angle.
  • Laser: Fires a single, slow-moving laser blast. The blast goes through any enemies that it hits until it runs out of power
  • Ice Beam: Fairly useless, but fun weapon which freezes any enemy in place with a single shot. The most expensive one can last quite a while, so intelligent use of the weapon can allow you to pick off your enemies without being bombarded by them all at once
  • 5-Way Laser: Fires 5 shots; one straight up and the other 4 at angles. This is one of the best weapons for clearing out a lot of enemies quickly.
  • Flamethrower: Another fun but not too useful weapon. More useful against really tough enemies, as a single shot will slowly deal damage and eventually kill ANY non-boss enemy.
  • Exploding Rocket: Useful on crowds, useless on single enemies. Hits hard, then explodes, firing eight shrapnel blasts in all directions. Also deals triple damage against bosses.
  • Energy Shield: Creates a small shield that can withstand a certain number of hits before being destroyed. Building this makes your ship unable to fire for quite a while, but no matter how hard the enemy hits, these shields will hold up for a certain number of attacks as opposed to a certain amount of damage, making them very useful against tougher enemies. Note that while enemy fire is blocked by the shield, friendly fire passes right through.
When you buy weapons that require ammo, don't forget to reload them now and then! You can't sell a weapon that isn't fully loaded, and reloading a completely empty weapon only costs HALF the normal purchase price.
Here's a screenshot of the weapons purchasing screen. Study it and you will succeed...

After you've purchased decent weaponry, you can also upgrade or repair your craft. The 'Install Upgrades' button will show you the small list of modifications available to your ship. Here's a breakdown:
  • Hull Shielding: Each level of this upgrade adds 10 to your maximum hull power. It's fairly cheap, and with good cause. After all, extra hull power doesn't last long when every enemy is always getting stronger and more aggressive!
  • Speed Boosters: For a heavy price, you can make your ship move a little bit faster. Each level allows your ship to move 20% faster than it starts, up to double your starting speed. Don't let the price deter you, though. Dodging a bullet is always better than getting hit, even if you've upgraded your ship to be able to take tons of damage!
  • Hull Armor: This upgrade is in between speed and hull shielding as far as usefulness (and price, for that matter). Each level adds 5% to your damage absorption, up to a total of 90%. Sounds great, cuts your damage down to 1/10 when you've maxed out this upgrade. Combine this with hull shielding, and you'll have a ship capable of sustaining the equivalent of 3000 points of damage! Just don't get too cocky; eventually, even 3000 points is not enough...
  • Repair Hull: The most important upgrade of all; repair your hull. Use this as often as you get damaged to insure that each new level you're fresh. Forgetting this simple fix can be more dangerous than spending all your money on stupid weapons...
Here's a screenshot of the upgrades screen. Again, study it and you will succeed...

Each wave gets harder and harder. Starting with the most basic squirrel, new enemies are introduced every two levels (excluding boss levels), and each enemy can hit harder and take more damage than the last. If you're able to defeat all of your enemies and make it to the main boss (Rappy, the Dark Squirrel), you will have the chance to save earth... but even if you destroy him, the game will not end. Other planets need your help, so you start back at level one again, and each time this happens, all enemies and bosses get a little bit tougher... Here is a screenshot showing the basic game play. If you can't figure this out after a couple games, you need help.
Mouse Movement / Arrow Keys   Move Left or Right
Left Mouse Button / Spacebar   Fire Bullet
Right Mouse Button / 'C' key   Choose your next weapon
[F3]   Reset Game
[M]   Toggle Music On Or Off
[S]   Toggle Sounds On Or Off 100 Hot DVDs