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Pong Attack Instrucions

The year is 5098, and the Earth has fallen under the rulership of an evil, sinister and very unattractive alien invasion force! The aliens have turned most of the humans into their own personal slaves. Most of the able-bodied men have been forced to work in dangerous mines, with no hope of rescue. It is said that those who get slowly crushed to death beneath heavy boulders and other equally painful objects are the lucky ones...

Some of the aliens have chosen to torture the humans with the false hope of freedom. They tell the humans that anyone who can beat the high commander in a game of Pong Attack (a new and very innovate game by Evil Sinister Alien Enterprises, Inc.) will free the entire human population. If the human loses, however, he will slowly be crushed to death beneath heavy boulders and other equally painful objects. Needless to say, this promise of death or freedom was considered by most to be a win/win situation.

After two hundred years and over one million deaths a year due to Pong Attack, one human prepares to take on the high commander with the intention of winning... that human is you. After your parents found an old 20th century relic called an Atari, you were able to practice and hone your skills on a very similar game. Now, you are ready to fight for the freedom of your people...

To Play:
This is the "hoverclod." It bounces around and scores points when it goes past a player's "rifter."
This is the "rifter," the device which is used both by you and the high commander. It is supposed to block the "hoverclod" from scoring. You control your "rifter" with the up and down arrow keys.

You move your rifter, as mentioned above, with the arrow keys. The hoverclod will bounce around the screen until it scores. Intercept it using the arrow keys in order to stop it from scoring on you. A couple things to pay attention to, though... first, hitting the hoverclod with the middle of your rifter will speed up the hoverclod's horizontal motion. Hitting with either the top or bottom edge will make the hoverclod slower horizontally, and depending which way it's going and where it hits the rifter, will also change the vertical speed.


The high commander is smart, but very arrogant. He won't even move his rifter until the hoverclod has gotten VERY close to him. If you can get the hoverclod moving quickly, you can get shots by him easily. That's really the only good tip I can give you.

[UP ARROW]: Move your rifter up.
[DOWN ARROW]: Move your rifter down.
[F2]: Reset the game (and die a slow and painful death).
[SHIFT]: Slows down rifter's movement while it's held down.
[P]: Suspends the current time/space continuum, allowing the player to rest up some before continuing play (pause button). 100 Hot DVDs