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Invaders Help

As you are most likely aware, this page is useless in modern browsers. The markup below is basically kept here for historical purposes. However, I've finally found a decompiler that worked well, and the Skwerl Invaders Java source code is now on github under a CC0 license! If anybody feels like trying to port to HTML5, well, at least the option is now there.

Skwerl Invaders

Click on the applet and press a key to begin!

If you like this game, PLEASE vote for me!

Quick Instructions

Arrow Keys / Mouse Movement   Move Left or Right
Left Mouse Button / Spacebar   Fire Bullet
Right Mouse Button / 'C' key   Choose your next weapon
[F3]   Reset Game
[M]   Toggle Music On Or Off
[S]   Toggle Sounds On Or Off 100 Hot DVDs