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Fun Stuff

This will contain all articles and other non-game stuff. Right now it's a little sparse, because I'm pretty useless as a writer, and I'm not very creative... and I'm not all that funny either. So if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see written up, from a nerd's perspective, please leave feedback and I'll do what I can to make your ideas look like my own. Especially since I won't give you any credit unless the ideas are bad.

I'm a nerd!

Strange though it may seem, I used to be a true nerd. Crazy, yes, but true. Go here and read all about my past. But prepare to be shocked.

The Winklet Tragedy

Want a nice-looking website, but don't want to spend time learning a new technology and putting it together? Just buy a flash website template! It's fast, easy, and cheap. Not to mention insecure, easy to steal, and a haven for spammers...

Read about the darker side of one of these out of the box websites...

Fat people are icky

Are you overweight? If you're hitting my site from the United States, I have a better chance of guessing "yes" than "no". And that's horrible and disgusting. Go away.

But... if you want to become a better person, read this little blurb and learn what your anorexic ideal weight is.

Hypergeometric Probabilities

Online hypergeometric distribution probability calculator. Statistics goodness at your fingertips! Get keno odds! Amaze your friends! Scare off potential girlfriends! 100 Hot DVDs