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Hypergeometrics Gone Wild! 2008-02-06 The Nerdmaster

After a few weeks of being lazy, I've gotten around to putting up some new information. A biomedical researcher sent me some code that uses the Hypergeometric Distribution in an interesting way, and I thought I'd share my incredibly nerdy excitement! Check it out.

Ring in the new year like a proper nerd! 2008-01-02 The Nerdmaster

That is to say, sit at home and play games like I did! It's 2008 and has absolutely nothing new to report.

I'm working on a roguelike game now. If you don't know what this is, think of games like Nethack or, gosh, maybe Rogue? Anyway, this is mainly a programming exercise to re-learn C++ because my resume sucks and my Hypergeometric Probability Calculator didn't impress the folks at (apparently 200 lines of code isn't enough to impress people who specifically asked for 1000 - strange). So I hate to say it, but this site isn't likely to get new games for a long while. But I hope to build a solid framework that I can release to the public for building really nice object-oriented roguelike games (Nethack's great and all, but the code is disgusting - having OO for a game that's all about various objects - that might be neat).

On the plus side, I do have a new flash game sitting around that needs just a bit of polish to get put up on the site - something I built before this C++ wave hit. I'll try to get that up before I die. Yay for motivated nerds!

Speaking of plus sizes -- er, I mean, sides -- our good friend Karen wrote a response to my constructive criticism of her original email. If you'll recall, she didn't like the indisputable fact that anorexics are sexy, sexy bitches. Read her latest response - it's wittier than a room full of dead popes!

Email fixes and a new item 2007-08-15 The Nerdmaster

Well, I just discovered that somewhere in the move to linode, I messed up my feedback and contact forms. So for the past month or so, all feedback and contacts have been lost. Yay.

In other, happier news, I've just put up my first really useful article - my hypergeometric distribution probability calculator. It computes odd for things like Keno. And I offer my C++ and Ruby source code for free. Enjoy, you nerds!

New article! 2007-06-12 The Nerdmaster

Ever wondered how much work you need to go from "healthy" (ie, disgustingly fat) to "anorexic" (ie, sexy sexy bitch)? Well wonder no longer! Now with my awesome anorexic / bulimic ideal weight calculator, not only can you find your ideal weight, but you can be insulted by my disparaging remarks at the same time!

By the way, you're really making my stomach turn. Go do some sit-ups or something.

Bad host! 2007-06-07 The Nerdmaster

Well, after spending a good long while dealing with Westhost, I've concluded that for what they offer, they're just not very good. I was looking at all kinds of Apache and sendmail configuration in order to get things up and running, and that's the main reason I avoided linode's servers for so long. So pretty much Westhost is a great in-between solution for people who need a little more flexibility than a traditional shared host.

I am apparently beyond that level, which means I have to look into linode and building my own server. Bleah. In the meantime, I'm back on Dreamhost, which means BC will likely be a little quirky. Oh well.

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