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About Nerdbucket

Nerdbucket and all games, graphics and content were solely developed by me, Jeremy Echols. All work is of course copyrighted material, also by me. Some concepts were created by others and given life by me, and a lot of ideas were brought into this world by friends and/or family. NO content was ever put up without at least being looked over and critiqued by those same friends and family. If you think you've seen some of this stuff before, you're either wrong or you visited my old site,, which is no longer in existance as such.

Q:What, exactly, is a Nerdbucket?
A:One may assume that a Nerdbucket is simply as pictured in the logo above - a bucket with a picture of a "nerd" on it. However, more research would reveal a darker truth...

A more obscure definition of bucket refers to a verb, to move roughly or jerkily. A nerd, as we all know, is one who is overly devoted to intellectual pursuits. So, we've got a person who is clearly quite smart, but moves roughly or jerkily. Now, why would somebody of reasonably high intellect be moving roughly or jerkily? Clearly it's because the individual in question has been posessed by Satan to do evil.

The short answer, then, is that a Nerdbucket is an intelligent person chosen by the Dark Lord to become his manifestation on earth. But why? We may never know... but I promise this: one day, I will delve deeper into this mystery.
Q:Do you do anything other than answer fake FAQs all day?
A:Why yes! I designed this website and all its games, graphics, sounds, music, etc. I am a very multi-talented nerd, indeed. Hmmm... actually, what's it called when you're not talented at anything, but you are mediocre at a whole bunch of things? Because that is me.
Q:You designed all these stupid... uh.. I mean, stupendous games?
A:Yes, they are all 100% original, which is to say they each are stolen from a concept that already existed or that somebody else gave me, which I then built into a game from scratch.
Q:Can you design me a game?
A:Finally a good, solid, real question. Yes I can. I have done custom work in the past and for a price I will indeed design somebody a very specific game. Contact me (upper-left) for further information.
Q:Can you design me a website?
A:Probably, but you have to understand that I do not do graphics. I design my own graphics because I can doodle until I like what I see, and I'm not very picky about my own graphics.

However, I am great at scripting PHP, Perl, and even .NET. I also know HTML front and back (this site is done using UltraEdit only - no WYSIWYG editors at ALL), and can connect PHP, HTML, javascript, and MySQL seamlessly to build a site. Believe it or not, this page is driven off those exact four technologies.
Q:Do you need help with anything on your site?
A:Yes. I need people who can give me good ideas for articles or good articles themselves. I need these people to not care if these articles become my property and solely my property. Anything submitted to me must be done with the understanding that whatever is sent my way is mine and will never be yours again. I'll certainly give you credit, but that's about it. If, one day, my site makes money (right now it's mostly a hobby), I may pay for articles but that isn't the case right now.

So basically if you like to work for free, contact me (upper-left) and let me know! 100 Hot DVDs