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WebLibMail: The untold story

What exactly is WebLibMail? Is it scary and mean, or cute and cuddly? Is it the reason so many Americans are on welfare, or did it actually contribute to Bill Gates' success? Unfortunately, no one can be told what WebLibMail is; you must experience it for yourself.

To experience WebLibMail, you MUST be careful! It is NOT FDA approved, and may result in many side effects. To try it out, however, simply click on "Main" on your left, choose a story, fill in the requested information (none of this is sent to the government, so please fill out all forms completely; inaccurate WebLibs can be hazardous to your health), and you'll see a place to email the story to a friend! Simply fill in your friend's email address, your email address (if you want them to know who you are), a subject, and a short message. Upon sending the email you may notice some slight discomfort in your abdomen, but in test cases, this usually was mild to moderate and lasted only a few minutes.

Now what? You've sent the email and you're confused as to what comes next. Well, nothing happens now. Watch TV, play some basketball, or scare small children by biting their ankles and cackling gleefully (note, is not responsible for any possible side effects of biting small children, including but not limited to: injury, teeth marks, disturbed friends and relatives, forced mental hospitalization). After all, you're done; you don't need to do anything anymore because that's all there is to it!

It's so simple, even a diseased, armless ape can send WebLibMail! (Disclaimer: is not responsible for any harm caused by attempting to get a diseased ape, armless or otherwise, into one's home to try out weblibs. However, please let me know the results of such attempts if you do try)

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