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Part VI: The horrific conclusion

My conclusion is the same as my introduction. These flash websites are crapping up the internet with sites that are devoid of creativity, while bestowing upon their owners many potential security problems. Worse yet, the creators aren't really sure how to address the problem. Check out this tiny email exchange:

Me: I'm looking at your templates and wondering how you do email for the newsletter. It's in a php file in the template trial thing, right? Is that safe? I know scripts are sometimes insecure, so how do I know if that is safe?

Response: No script is 100% safe and I'm not sure how safe the script included is. We can also install a Perl script instead which I do believe is more secure.
How they got the idea that Perl is more secure than PHP is beyond me... Both technologies require a programmer to take very active steps toward security. If you can't safeguard something in PHP, you probably can't safeguard it in perl either.

Read on for more of the technical details. 100 Hot DVDs