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New Game =)

Self-Esteem Hangman

Tired of playing games that don't guarantee you victory every time? My site is full of very competitive games that teach people only one thing: winning is all that matters. Well fear not, my competitionally-challenged friends! It's the internet's first* self-esteem building game of hangman! In self-esteem hangman, I will present you with puzzles that are impossible to lose, while still giving you that thrill of playing a game of hangman. And every step of the way, you'll get positive reinforcement from none other than the nerd himself.

By playing and completing puzzles, you build self confidence. Studies show that winning a rigged game over and over again actually builds valuable self-assurance and independance faster than actually spending time accomplishing something worthwhile! I guarantee** that by playing these games, you'll become the happiest and most self-confident person you know!

I know my games are fun, because I tell myself they are 23 times each day. But if you feel the need to explore other games that are equally fun and make you feel like a winner every time, check out these fine games. They're so good you'll be laughing at them... I mean, enjoying them in no time.

To begin a new game, simply click the friendly "New Game" link on your left. If you find this too challenging, you can also click here to play. And remember, you make people happy.

* Claim is based on my belief that nobody else would waste their time building this game, not actual facts

** Guarantee valid only for computer nerds who don't actually know any other people.

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