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Sort of new: Karen's response - read it here!

I take complaints very seriously here at I have two, count them - two contact forms in the left navigation toolbar. Some people think it's because I've made a huge mistake. But it's not. I read all comments carefully, and rarely do I feel the need to respond negatively. But once in a great while, somebody will try to tell me they know more than me about something I've spent a lot of time learning about, and those emails tend to need to get bitchslapped. So without further ado, my formal, public bitchslapping of Karen, a lovely (but very overweight) woman who takes out her fat aggressions on people far more intelligent than she.

This is from an email in early September, 2007

Your body fat calculator is just absurd.

I decided to experiment and made myself a 6ft2 women weighing 60lb with a 10 inch waist and 12 inch hips and your calculator puts this at 2% body fat which you delusionally believe is somehow reality this would make me something close to a 100 year old rotting corpse, but what the hell does that matter? At least no-one could say I was fat *rolls eyes*.

What the hell? I can only assume you chose the term "women" over "woman" because most people think you're more than one person, but don't you dare attack my "beliefs". I know what is and is not ideal - I've spent a lot of time doing research on the human body. Real field research, mind you, not just reading books written by guys who can't get a chick in bed. And yes, if you were dead, people would stop calling you fat. Calling somebody fat after they're dead is extremely rude.

And by the way, I don't think 2% is ideal. I'm not a moron. 2% is certainly good enough, but everybody should be shooting for 1%.

I would say you need serious psychiatric help, but I'm sure you already know that.
My last psychiatrist said I was no longer benefitting from his service. I think that pretty much says how my mental state is today, thanks, Dr. Fatty McEatsalot.
If you want to know what a healthy level of body fat for women see below.

10%-12% = essential body fat and below this level equals DANGER of DEATH.

12%-20% = athletic - this does NOT mean skinny it means lean, i.e. SIX PACK and BICEPS.

20%-30% health = healthy female with a healthy level of body fat.

30%-35% overfat = increased risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

35%+ = significantly increased risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

I do not like these guidelines. I wouldn't say I have a fat phobia or anything, but let's face it - 12% of one's body being pure fat is just disgusting. And this whole six pack/biceps thing? Yeah, the guy wearing a $5,000 suit is going to let his woman get into a position to kick his ass. COME ON!
You might not like these guidelines because you are a fat phobic or whatever, but this is NORMAL for women and for men it will be about 8-10 points less because men are naturally more lean than women. If you don't like that, blame mother nature not the medical community.
What the hell? I just said I'm not a fucking fataphobe! And I'm well aware men have less body fat than women. That absolutely doesn't make it any less revolting to see fat women!
I feel it is a waste of my time, because you are clearly some pro-ana wierdo, but I sincerely hope that you one day recover and become sane again.
Wait... you think I'm "pro-ana"? Like, as in I'm pro-anorexic? Where THE FUCK did you get that second 'a'? Anorexic has only one 'a'! What, did you eat all the other vowels?

And how did you know I was all for anorexia? Are you psychic? Or was it the part where I said The people labeled "anorexic" or "bulimic" are ostracized for being so damn hot? Damn, you are so perceptive!

Take care,


P.S. My husband is a professional body builders and fitness trainer and knows a hell of a lot more about what is healthy body fat wise than you got it. He recommend you get help too, you are disturbed.

Does being fat interfere with your ability to type a coherent sentence? How does that affect your life in general? Not being a disgusting slob myself, I really and truly don't know what that's like, so please respond when you get a chance.
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